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Rocky Mountain Kendo/Iaido Federation (RMKIF)

In 1973, Kendo became incorporated at Rocky Mountain Budokan when Iwakabe Sensei became acquainted with Mr. Umemoto, Hiroshi, Kyoshi-7th Dan Kendo instructor. Under Hiroshi UmemotoUmemoto Sensei’s guidance, Iwakabe Sensei organized the Rocky Mountain Kendo Federation. With Umemoto Sensei as chief instructor, Iwakabe Sensei soon became an assistance instructor for Kendo. In 1975, Iwakabe Sensei returned to Japan to study Iaido from Master Danzaki Tomoaki, Hanshi-9th Dan. Two years later he began Iaido classes at Rocky Mountain Budokan.

RMKIF's headquarters is located in Englewood, Colorado at Rocky Mountain Budokan.

RMKIF is affiliated with the International Kendo Federation and the All United States Kendo Federation.
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Includes dojos (schools) in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. View listing of dojos.

RMKIF offers classes in KENDO (Japanese Fencing), IAIDO (Art of Sword Drawing) and JODO (the Way of the Staff). It also offers special programs throughout the year.


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